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Flexdeck Handheld Solitaire

Adapted for Flexdeck by Martin Willett

Last revision: 11/16/19

The handheld solitaire game I learned as a child is itself a variation on the traditional table solitaire game Accordion. Here the Flexdeck gives an additional twist with the letter cards available.


TIME: 2 minutes

EQUIPMENT: 52 or 56* card Flexdeck Original Edition or 2-color or 4-color “The Next Leg”

This game can be played in just a minute or two. The object is to eliminate as many cards from the deck as you can.

Shuffle the deck and turn it face up in your hand. 

In this game, you always focus in on a group of 4 visible cards. Fan out the top 4 cards. Here are the possibilities:

  • If the outside cards (the first and fourth cards) match in denomination (if, for example, both are queens), then all 4 cards are removed.
  • If the outside cards match in color/suit (if, for example, both are red or clubs), then just the 2 middle cards are removed.
  • If a four-letter word can be formed with the cards, then all 4 cards are removed.
  • If none of those criteria are met, then all 4 cards are retained.
  • Play then resumes by moving to the next card in and the 3 following cards. 

You’ll quickly adapt to the dexterity of manipulating the deck in this way, and backing up a few cards after removing some to check for matches.

A “win” that eliminates all cards is somewhat rare but eminently possible; most likely just a few cards remain, and you can see how well you do with several rounds in just a few minutes.

* When using all 56 cards (even the instructional extra card!), consider that extra card a red joker. Note that if you add the 4 extra cards, the jokers only act as wildcards when forming words; for matching purposes they form their own denomination.

I made a simple video explanation of this game.

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