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Flexdeck Hangman

Flexdeck Hangman

Adapted for Flexdeck by Martin Willett

Last revision: 11/16/19

Use one Flexdeck per player for a quick, fun round Hangman. (And for family playing, this version avoids illustrating capital punishment.)

PLAYERS: As many as 8, with 1 Flexdeck per player

TIME: 10 minutes


1 Flexdeck per player

Players draw cards to see who goes first: highest domino total wins.

Each player chooses 6 letter cards from their deck to form their secret word. (No abbreviations or proper nouns.)

Each player places their secret word in front of them, cards face down, so that their opponents will be able to read the words left to right (see illustration)

Each player then takes 9 cards from their leftover deck and stacks them, face down, at the end of their word. These are used for scoring, as each player will have nine incorrect guesses available before elimination.

First player guesses a letter (and designates an opponent if more than one) and if that letter is part of the opponent’s word, all instances of that letter are flipped and revealed. If that guess is incorrect, first player removes a card from their scoring stack and sets it aside, face down.

Play continues to first player’s left, and the next player makes their guess. Correct guesses earn additional (unlimited) guesses, that is, a player’s turn ends with an incorrect guess or a victory. Players are eliminated if their word is guessed correctly and/or all of their letters are correctly guessed and flipped. Whole word guesses may only happen during the guesser’s turn; incorrect word guesses remove two cards from the guesser’s score pile.

Game ends / winner determined:

  • When one player is left with an unguessed word.
  • When only one player is left with scoring cards.
  • All scoring piles are depleted without eliminated players. In that case, the winner is the player with the most unexposed letters.
  • If all the words are correctly guessed, last one uncovered is the winner.


For a more challenging game, players are allowed to choose 1, 2 or 3 wild cards they can place at the beginning or end of a 3, 4 or 5-letter word. Players always start with 6 facedown cards in front of them.

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